Accessories for our Matchmaster scoreboards are available Spare Remote Controls, Outdoor Stand and Umpires Box.

Umpires Box

Compact outdoor tennis scoreboardFor use with Club Scoreboard.

Provides secure control of scoreboard where radio interference stops use of remote control.

One unit can operate multiple scoreboards.

Supplied with cable and reel.

price109 incl UK delivery

Outdoor Stand

mulitscore miniHeavier stand for one or two outdoor scoreboards.

New two part design allows rotation of top eith respect to base, and permits easier storage.

Height: 1.75 metres.

price129 incl UK delivery

Spare Remote Control

Compact outdoor tennis scoreboardComes with red and blue straps.

Replaceable 2032 internal battery gives long operating life.

Control range typically 75 metres.

price49 incl UK delivery

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