Club ScoreboardLarger outdoor Tennis scoreboard.

The Matchmaster Club scoreboard is intended for use on outdoor tennis courts, but may also be used indoors. It can be permanently fixed to a wall, or hung on a Matchmaster outdoor stand. It runs from an internal rechargeable battery which can score many matches on a single overnight charge. It can also be charged from a solar panel. Just select a three or five set match using the reset button on the scoreboard, and off you go! The unit even has a server indicator and will keep track of your score taking account of tie breaks and their server assignment automatically.

The Matchmaster Club unit is ideal for larger courts where spectators may be present.

Due to the large size of this model, and the differing siting requirements of end users, purchasers will be contacted personally to discuss mounting arrangements, and UK customers will have their scoreboards delivered and set up by a Matchmaster representative.

  • Size: 1005 x 505 x 82 mm
  • Convenient cordless rechargeable operation.
  • 100mm Fluorescent digits visible at 60 Metres.
  • Includes mains charger, solar charger, two remote controls and mounting hardware.

price1399 incl UK delivery

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